Street Sign, Hoover Dam, 2013

My husband asked me to take a picture of this sign.  We drove by it once, turned around and drove by a second time, very slowly.  I begrudgingly leaned out the passenger side window and took two pictures (my usual amount).  

Photography has always been very solitary for me.  I am an only child, and I think one of the big things that drew me to photography as a teenager was the idea of turning that alone time and solitude into something.  The camera was and has always been a companion of mine, a friend at times when I didn’t have too many friends.  It’s been loyal and nonjudgmental, sort of like a dog.  However, when you do something one way for a long time, that eventually becomes THE WAY you do things.  As my wonderful yoga instructor said the other day in class (sorry guys, I love yoga), If you do everything the same way all the time, nothing will ever change.

Point being that making personal work has never been a collaborative process for me.  It’s always been quite the opposite.  Only since I’ve been married have I begun to understand what it means to collaborate with someone both generally speaking (life-wise) and photographically.  I really enjoy my husband’s input and ideas.  He may not always know it based on my reactions to his pushing me further and further, but I’m here to say that I do.  

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    Street Sign, Hoover Dam, 2013
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    Street Sign, Hoover Dam, 2013
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