Peter Kalikow for New York Magazine, 2004

I had to dig through my archives recently to find this picture I took 10 years ago of Peter Kalikow, who, at the time of our shoot, was chairman of the MTA.  After re-scanning this image for a client, I decided I liked it and would show it to you guys.  I wound up having to photograph Mr. Kalikow twice as the first time around most of my film had a massive light leak going diagonally through the entire frame.  It was super embarrassing.  The excitement of shooting 4x5!  

On our first shoot we did a picture outdoors near a large subway station under construction in Queens.  I kept waiting to shoot right when a train would run on the track behind him.  He asked me if that’s what I was waiting for…I said yes.  He pulled out a phone and made a call and the next train that passed stopped on the track in the perfect spot.  He told me to do what I needed to do.  I furiously shot off about 10 sheets of film, and then he made a second call after which the train got moving again.  I was really impressed.  I mean….that’s power.  

Second time around we shot in an empty Shuttle train car at Grand Central (above), and I also had the pleasure of photographing Mr. Kalikow in one of his many amazing cars.  You can read about his car collection here.  For such a busy, wealthy, and powerful man, Peter Kalikow was very nice, respectful, and interesting.  He was a real New Yorker and definitely had a sense of humor.  

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